Arbroath Smokies (One pair)

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Arbroath Smokies (One pair)



By tying the tail end of two, salt dried haddock together which are then

hung over sticks. A ‘Smokie Pit” is prepared by setting a half whisky barrel

into the ground. The sticks of haddock are then placed over the Smokie

Pit and then with the true art of the smoker, cooked until the golden-copper

tones of a true Arbroath Smokie is achieved.


Arbroath Smokies are a type of smoked haddock that originated in the small Scottish fishing town of Arbroath in the 1800s. The traditional method of preparing the fish involves splitting it down the back and removing the head and internal organs before cold-smoking it over oak chips. The result is a delicately flavored fish with a firm, flaky texture that is highly prized by chefs and food enthusiasts around the world.

The smoky aroma and taste of Arbroath Smokies are unique to the traditional smoking process, which has been passed down through generations of Arbroath fishers. While similar smoking techniques are used for other types of fish, the distinct flavor of the smokies is due in part to the specific type of haddock used, which is caught off the coast of Scotland.

In recent years, Arbroath Smokies have become increasingly popular outside of Scotland, with many gourmet food stores and restaurants across Europe and North America offering them on their menus. The smokies can be enjoyed on their own as a simple, yet flavorful snack or used in a variety of dishes, such as chowders, soups, and salads.

The traditional method of smoking Arbroath Smokies has received Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status, which means that only fish that have been smoked in Arbroath using the traditional method can legally be called “Arbroath Smokies.” This recognition has helped to preserve the traditional method of smoking and ensure that the high quality and unique flavor of the fish is maintained. Several of our Hampers include the iconin arbroath smokies.

The production of Arbroath Smokies is still largely a small-scale, artisanal operation, with many fishers and smokehouses in Arbroath continuing to use traditional methods to prepare the fish. While the demand for smokies has increased in recent years, the industry is still centered around the local community in Arbroath, where the fishers and smokehouses continue to maintain their unique heritage and tradition.

In conclusion, Arbroath Smokies are a unique and delicious type of smoked haddock that are deeply rooted in the history and traditions of the small Scottish fishing town of Arbroath. The smokies’ distinctive flavor and aroma have earned them a dedicated following among food enthusiasts around the world, and the industry’s continued use of traditional methods ensures that this culinary tradition will be preserved for generations to come

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