Fillet Steak 8oz 225g

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Fillet Steak 8oz 225g



Arguably the most prized cut of beef, although few would argue against this accolade. Very little fat runs through the meat, which results in a wonderful texture that truly is “melt in the mouth” good. Sometimes referred to as tenderloin, it is an expensive cut that yields such fantastic flavours and succulence that it easily merits the higher price. Most commonly eaten as fillet steaks, but whole fillets are also available.

Fillet Steak

Steak Cooking Temperature Guide

Make sure to probe the middle of the steak without breaking through to the cooking surface

Blue   –   47°C – 50°

 Rare   –   50°C – 53°C

Medium Rare   –   55°C – 58°C

Medium   –   60°C – 63°C

Medium-Well   –   65°C – 68°C

Well Done   –   71°C+

Recipe Ideas

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