Sirloin Steak 12oz-368g

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Sirloin Steak 12oz-368g



Sirloin Steak is right next to fillet in tenderness, and benefits from a richer flavour. Cut from the striploin, the meat is lightly marbled with a thin strip of fat left on to prevent the meat from drying out during roasting.

Sirloin Steak

Steak Cooking Temperature Guide

Make sure to probe the middle of the steak without breaking through to the cooking surface

Blue   –   47°C – 50°

 Rare   –   50°C – 53°C

Medium Rare   –   55°C – 58°C

Medium   –   60°C – 63°C

Medium-Well   –   65°C – 68°C

Well Done   –   71°C+

Recipe Ideas

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