Macbeths Free Range Pork Sausages 1LB-454g

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Macbeths Free Range Pork Sausages 1LB-454g


Our Butchers use lean pork shoulder to make our sausages they are lean but still remain juicy and tasty due to the natural skins they use. Great for cooked breakfasts and kids love them.

Pork Sausages are free range supplied from Macbeths, The Moray coastline is the perfect place for our outdoor reared pork and we are lucky to be able to source good quality pork from local farms.

All of the  pork has a good layer of fat without it being excessive so that the meat is always flavoursome and you get good crackling – always the best bit!

Recently they have started to rear their own pigs which are all free range and using rare breeds.

Recipe Ideas

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