Ramsay’s Ayrshire Smoked Back Bacon 200g

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Ramsay’s Ayrshire Smoked Back Bacon 200g



Sides of Ayrshire Back Bacon are slowly smoked overnight using a mix of woods including Apple and Beech to give a light smoky flavour to these award winning rashers.


Each  pack of bacon – Minimum weight 200g per pack. Suitable for home freezing

Ramsay’s Ayrshire smoked back bacon is a high-quality product that is popular among bacon lovers. This type of bacon is made from the back of the pig, which is a leaner and meatier cut than other types of bacon. The bacon is then cured with a blend of salt, sugar, and spices before being smoked over wood chips to give it a rich, smoky flavor.

One of the key features of Ramsay’s Ayrshire smoked back bacon is its texture. The leaner cut of meat used in this bacon means that it has less fat than other types of bacon, resulting in a firmer texture that is less greasy. This makes it a popular choice for those who want to enjoy the flavor of bacon without feeling like they’re consuming a lot of fat.

Another great thing about Ramsay’s smoked back bacon is its versatility. It can be used in a wide range of dishes, from classic bacon and eggs to more adventurous recipes like bacon-wrapped scallops or bacon-wrapped chicken breasts. The smoky flavor of the bacon adds depth and complexity to any dish it is used in, making it a popular ingredient in many different types of cuisine.

When it comes to cooking Ramsay’s smoked back bacon, there are several different methods that can be used. Some people prefer to fry it in a pan, while others like to grill or bake it. No matter how you choose to cook it, it’s important to remember that this bacon cooks faster than other types due to its leaner cut, so it’s important to keep an eye on it to avoid overcooking.

Overall, Ramsay’s smoked back bacon is a delicious and versatile product that is loved by bacon aficionados around the world. Its rich, smoky flavor and firm texture make it a great addition to any dish, and its leaner cut means that it’s a healthier option for those who want to indulge in the taste of bacon without all the added fat.

This Bacon is very popular in our Hampers

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