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Established in 1945, Heather Hills Honey Farm is a traditional family-run  farm based in the Highlands of Perthshire – the heartland of Scotland. They specialise in a selection of 100% pure, raw, monofloral and polyfloral honeys and handmade preserves.

Heather Hills Honey started off with just one hive in 1945, they now have 1300 hives across Perthshire and Deeside – the most beautiful and unpolluted parts of the UK. This relatively small-scale ensures their hives are regularly and well spaced out in small batches by zones. This means that the bees have plenty of opportunity to roam – up to a 5 mile radius of each hive – giving a superior quality product. A bigger producer would normally cram around 100 hives into the same space – this reducing the quality of the product.